About the Download

Ever notice how the people of God have a tendency to get “stuck in the celebration” of various milestones of their lives?

Story: There once was a man who moved into a retirement community to spend the rest of his life there. It wasn’t long until he had made a number of friends among the other residents. There was one lady he was especially attracted to, & she was attracted to him, also. So they spent a lot of time together. Finally one evening he proposed, asking her to marry him.

The next morning he woke up remembering his proposal, but he couldn’t remember her answer. So he went to her and said, “I’m really embarrassed. I proposed to you last night but I can’t remember if you said ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’” “Oh, thank goodness!” she replied. “I remembered saying ‘Yes’ but I couldn’t remember who asked me.”

WE CAN’T STAY HERE helps your audience explore what’s next for your church and for their lives.

WE CAN’T STAY HERE will help drive home the main points for your audience to live by:

    1. Forget the past—Paul said “I forget what is behind.”
    2. Reach forward.
  • Press on.

WE CAN’T STAY HERE uses the story of Paul (as recorded in Philippians) and the children of Israel wandering in the desert (when they should have been heading to the promised land) to illustrate where God wants to take us even when we seem stuck in park.